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President’s Message

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Thank you for your support of the HOT.  For nearly 30 years, HOT has been an engaged and leading community organization that has served many roles in Whittier and in surrounding communities.  Through our programs, we have lived out our mission to improve the quality of life of families in our service area.

We have programs that aim to support education, health, economic development, financial literacy, and the cultural arts.  I am particularly proud of our annual scholarship program which supports graduating high school students entering college.  These scholarships are based on need and merit, and so our Board is proud that we get to celebrate student achievement and tenacity as they push through many obstacles.  View all our programs and know that your support has helped young people, their parents, teachers, counselors and the community as a whole.

HOT knows that our greatest strengths are the relationships we have with our local community partners including other non-profits, our business community, our schools, local government, and all the sectors required to make life better.  We hope that we can continue to count you and your team as a friend of our mission, and we look forward to co-laboring with you as we work together to make our neighborhoods even better by supporting the community’s families.

In Service,

Dr. David Gonzalez, Jr.